Definitions of Common Terms

Auditory Processing Disorder - the inability to understand spoken language in a meaningful way

Autism - a disorder characterized, in varying degrees, by difficulties in social interaction, verbal and non verbal communication and repetitive behaviors.

Articulation - use of the articulators (lips, tongue, palate, etc.) to produce speech sounds

Expressive language - the ability to put thoughts and words into sentences in a meaningful way that is grammatically correct

Morphology - how sounds and words are put together to form meaning

Pragmatics - the rules that govern the use of social language to communicate within various social situations

Phonology - the study of the sound system of language, including speech sounds, speech patterns, and the rules that apply to those sounds

Receptive language - the ability to understand and comprehend language that is spoken or read

Semantics - the meaning of language at the word, sentence and conversation level

Stuttering - a fluency disorder characterized by an interruption in the normal flow of speech

Syntax - sentence structure or correct work order use when formulating sentences

Voice disorder - characterized by an abnormal pitch, volume or vocal quality