Ms. Barnett

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Me and Cash    Ms. Barnett's Background

Ms. Barnett graduated from Delaware Valley University with a degree in Animal Science.  Ms. B earned her TOH (teacher of the handicapped) certification from Rutgers University and is highly qualified to teach science, language arts and social studies.  She's been teaching science in an alternative setting since 2000 when she began her teaching career at Collier High School.  She’s taught chemistry, biology, zoology, equine science, life science and physical science. Presently, Ms. B. is teaching Physical and Life science in the middle school.  Ms. Barnett is an avid outdoors woman, loves to ride and show quarter horses, has dogs, cats, a pot belly pig, a chinchilla and fish.  Ms. B. loves all things science, is a colonial history geek and plays Pokemon Go. (sometimes)