Collier Middle School Makerspace

Collier Middle School Makerspace
Posted on 03/14/2019
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The Makers Movement has been sweeping through schools across the nation and Collier Middle School is among them. The Maker Movement is a term for independent designers, inventors, and tinkerers made up of artists, the technologically savvy, and anyone who just wants to build/make. The creative space that provides this outlet is known as a Makerspace.

At Collier, Ms. Aimee Murphy has provided such a space on Tuesdays and Thursdays for any middle school student who is willing to have a “working lunch.” For many of the students, they benefit from the hands-on process, experimental nature, and visual results of maker education. The balance between exploration and execution of small projects, which often involve tinkering and fiddling, strengthens the students’ executive functioning skills so that these small projects often grow into more significant endeavors.

Students bring their lunch into Ms. Murphy’s class to work on their self-identified projects. “The idea for my class and Makerspace lunch bunch has a concentration on STEM problems. As of right now, we have students working on building catapults with Legos, vex robotics, coding, building using Raspberry Pi, and even a maze for a small animal to run through,” stated Ms. Murphy, “and the excitement is bubbling over!”