Collier Middle School Supply List

Collier Middle School Supply List
Posted on 08/24/2018
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Collier Middle School Student Supply List:

One of the biggest hurdles for middle school students is getting and staying organized. Let’s imagine for a minute that you, as an adult, have a home project to work on.  Your tools are somewhere, strewn about in the garage because they were not put back where they belong.  It may take you quite a while to find the necessary tools to complete your project and while searching you grow more and more frustrated, perhaps angry. You might even give up.  Or, let’s imagine that after every load of laundry, instead of matching your socks and putting them in your dresser drawer, you leave them in the laundry basket or worse, the dryer.  Now it’s Monday morning, you need your socks, your drawer is empty, you waste time searching the basket (or the dryer) only to find, you guessed it.... ONE sock! This frustration and anxiety can be maddening and debilitating for anyone.  Now, imagine how your child feels when they come to school unprepared and in need of something they simply cannot find. Is this avoidable? Obviously, we all have a degree of control over these situations and simple actions can and do alleviate a lot of avoidable frustrations.  We just have to be diligent. At Collier Middle School, as a way to increase student confidence in an academic setting and beyond, we focus on teaching and building executive functioning skills. To that end we recommend the following supplies. 
Daily Planner / Homework folder (Supplied by CMS)

Collier Middle School will provide every student with a daily planner and a homework folder.  As partners, we strongly urge parents/guardians to encourage use of the daily planner on a daily basis. Students who learn to stay organized are developing foundational organizational skills that keep them responsible and focused. Moreover, developing executive functioning skills and managing one’s own responsibilities has an immediate positive impact on academic growth, fostering student confidence in an academic setting and beyond.

*Please review your child’s daily planner every night as a positive bonding experience and as a means to keep academically prepared and focused. The following is a list of additional items your child will need.

  • Blue or black pens
  • Highlighters
  • Pencils
  • Additional homework folders are recommended to keep subjects separate.
  • Notebooks for each class or a multi-subject notebook

Physical Education:

Unlike traditional school physical education classes, Collier has a vast campus and much of student activities are done outside. We recommend:

  • Sturdy sneakers or hiking boots.
  • Warm weather gear for colder months.
  • Warm coats
  • Hats 
  • Gloves
  • Sunblock and bug repellent (Collier staff is not permitted to supply or apply sunblock or bug repellent to students.

In most cases, if a student requires materials that he or she does not have, Collier will supply those items. 

Please check this list throughout the school year to see if any changes were made.

As always, feel free to contact the school for additional information.