Student Mentor Recognition and Induction Ceremony

Student Mentor Recognition and Induction Ceremony
Posted on 06/27/2019
This is the image for the news article titled Student Mentor Recognition and Induction CeremonyOne of the most popular groups in Collier Middle School is Student Mentors. Mentors are responsible for giving tours but most importantly, being a point person for new students. When a new student arrives at Collier, a mentor is assigned to them for the first few days. Mentors escort the new students to their classes, sit with them at lunch, answer any questions from a student's point of view, and be a friendly face. 

This year, Collier Middle School had 37 mentors, the largest group in history--20 of them were 8th graders and will move on to become mentors in high school mentors, and 5 brand new mentors! When asked why they became a student mentor, many answered that they just like helping people. One student expanded on this by saying, "I felt really welcomed in this school and I wanted to do the same thing for others." But it's just not those on the receiving end of a student mentor who benefit. By being a mentor, students practice their social skills, build confidence, and develop a sense of worth--all of which are extremely important for the student population at Collier School.

At the end of the year, Ms. Teri Bates, who runs the Collier Middle School Student Mentors program, holds a Recognition and Induction Ceremony as a special way to say thank you to each and every student mentor for their hard work, dedication, and willingness to step up and help. 

We are incredibly grateful and proud of ALL of our student mentors.

To watch the 2019 Student Mentor Recognition and Induction Ceremony, click the video below: