Talk the Talk

Talk the Talk
Posted on 11/07/2018
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Collier Middle School’s Spanish classes put their skills to the test at El Rinconcito de Mama Restaurant in Matawan.

This one of a kind field trip, organized by Ms. Wade, Collier Middle School Spanish Teacher, gave students the opportunity to use what they have learned in the classroom out in the “real world.” From the moment the students walked through the door, they were expected to greet the staff, order their meals, ask questions, and hold conversations all in Spanish. Ms. Wade even planted a little test for her students—she secretly asked the restaurant to not give our spoons so students would be forced to ask for one…you guessed it, in Spanish.

Afterwards Ms. Wade stated, “I was very proud of the middle school's Spanish students on our trip to El Rinconcito de Mama on Monday, November 5. All participants were very well-behaved and communicated effectively in Spanish with the waiter, Jorge. This experience enabled Collier's students to apply what was taught in the classroom to a social setting outside of the classroom. I would like to thank the Collier Administration for supporting such an invaluable experience for its students.”