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Advocacy and Helpful Links for Collier Middle School - a NJ Alternative Middle School

Collier School is a very active member of ASAH, the Association of Schools and Agencies for the Handicapped. ASAH is a not-for-profit organization of private schools and agencies in New Jersey which provide highly specialized services to more than 11,000 young people with disabilities.Founded in 1974, ASAH now serves more than 125 schools and agencies throughout the state.

With a focus on the needs of students, ASAH works to foster partnerships between its members, local school districts and local communities. We know that these collaborations not only enhance the quality of education programs, they ensure that students with disabilities are served in the least restrictive setting, and have the greatest chance of returning students to public school settings.

While providing information and referral to anyone seeking appropriate placement of individuals with special needs, ASAH also advocates directly for individuals with special needs and their families.

ASAH also promotes programs and policies that protect and enhance the well-being of individuals with disabilities and their families,especially those that impact or interface with their education.

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