Speech and Language Services

The Speech and Language program at Collier addresses a full range of communication disorders.  A highly trained speech language specialist provides speech and language therapies to students with speech, language and/or hearing disabilities.  This involves preparing clinical goals based on the student’s IEP and educational curriculum, with an emphasis on language/literacy.  Therapy sessions are provided individually or in a small group within the therapy room or classroom.   

The range of disorders treated by Collier’s Speech Language Specialist include, speech disorders, language disorders and other communication impairments. Speech disorders may include conditions such as impaired articulation and fluency.  Language disorders are represented by difficulties with receptive, expressive and pragmatic language, as well as auditory/language processing.  Altogether, the aim of working with the speech therapist is to minimize the speech disorder and provide a foundation of language proficiency essential for effective communication and academic success.

Successful communication is the cornerstone of the speech language program at Collier. As an integral part of Collier’s education team the Speech Language Specialist consults with teachers, case managers and parents to facilitate the carry-over of acquired communication skills in the classroom and at home.

Ann Middlebrook, SLS 
Speech and Language Specialist
732-946-4771 ext. 257